Wednesday, July 8, 2009

North Point Trip!

We are 72 hours from our North Point team arriving here in Cape Town.  North Point Community Church, based in Atlanta, GA, is our partner church, and they are sending out a team of youth to help us launch our youth program, InsideOut.  Matt has been working incredibly hard to make things come together, as have a large band of volunteers.  We have completely gutted the old sanctuary, and it's finally looking like an amazing venue for our youth.  It's been a great bonding experience for everyone, and our friend Morgan has done a great job heading up the project, singlehandedly delegating to us all what needs to happen in order to get this place ready for the launch of InsideOut.  

My personal mission has been painting the bathroom doors.  Phase one is to get the doors looking cool, and phase two is redecorating the inside.  I will try to post pictures as soon as I take a few on my phone.  

On a personal note: I was talking to Matt last night about this, and I hope it is an encouragement to any wife out there who feels that tension of wanting to follow the passions God has put inside of her and supporting her husband's passions and dreams as well.  It is truly an honor to be called the wife of Matthew Hastings.  To serve my husband truly is the greatest blessing that I have.  I'm not a good painter, and here I am, painting this bathroom door black with this life-size giant pink female symbol on the front of it, and I'm at such peace with the whole situation.  And I realized that I'd rather be sitting on the cold, bathroom floor any day than pursuing my dreams.  It's not that my dreams are bad or wrong to pursue, but no greater joy comes than from laying those dreams I have down at the feet of my husband and serving the purpose that God has given him.  

We go to our InsideOut camp next Tuesday morning!  We started with two kids signed up, and in the past three weeks, our numbers have shot up to 25 kids!  With our North Point team of 10 teens, we're going to have an awesome start of 35 teens!  I don't want to give everything away prior to camp in case any teens read my blog, but let's just say there will be amazing games, food, and awesome music!  Not to mention, my hubby is hard at work on 4 sessions of speaking that are going to be A-Mazing!!!!  Three will be for the camp, and the fourth will be used for the launch on Friday.  

So, we're all hard at work over here, and we're incredibly excited about what God's going to do here in Cape Town!  It certainly is an amazing time to be a part of God's life changing kingdom.  We will keep you updated as the North Point team comes!  

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