Monday, August 17, 2009

InsideOut number 2 and a nice weekend

We had our second InsideOut this past weekend, bringing in 22 new kids and bringing the total kids who attended on Friday up to 55!  Matt is on his way to getting his head shaved.  Everyone who volunteered was very excited about the positive reaction that we've received from IO.  It's a great environment for teens grade 7-12, and not to mention, it's an awesome place to volunteer.  I think our volunteers have had a great time thus far!  (Correct me if I'm wrong :)

One difficult thing that I've found about Cape Town is that Google doesn't bring up as many options of fun things to do as when you're in America.  So, for example, if I type in "cool coffee shops in the Western Cape", I get few cool websites.  So, we kind of have to go by word of mouth to find cool places to go.  Well, today it was 330 pm, and we hadn't left the house yet on our day off.  We saw online that there seemed to be a few cool places on Kloof St.  so we decided to give it a go.  We found this awesome health shop called the Wellness Centre (or something like that), and they have this really cool organic coffee shop in there.  They have this great deal of a slice of cake and a cappuccino or tea for only R20 (which is like $1.50).  So, I got carrot cake and a cappuccino, and Matt got cheesecake and a cappuccino.  It was spectacular and we talked in the little shop for like an hour and a half.  A wonderful way to spend the day.  

We're finally at a point in life where we can begin to explore Cape Town, which has been nice.  When I first got here, I was so busy trying to just emotionally survive and get comfortable in my own skin, I didn't even really want to explore.  Now, I'm just starting to get the itch to see what is all around here in the Western Cape.  

In other news, I got lost in the Waterfront mall and didn't have my phone with me so I couldn't call Matt. Luckily, I saw Johan and Miranda from church and they let me use their phone so I could call Matt and find him.  I got really scared and confused and ended up on the completely wrong side of the mall from where I was supposed to be.  Oops!

Well, if any Capetonians have any cool suggestions of other coffee shops/bookstores/cool places to go and browse around where we won't spend a lot of money, please comment on my blog and let me know!  Otherwise, I'm sure my future posts will be about my exploration adventures!

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