Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rainy day in Cape Town

Well, today is yet another rainy day in Cape Town.  Winter is like that house guest that overstays its welcome, and just when you think it's about to get up and leave, it's actually only going to get another cup of coffee and sit back down for a while.  :Sigh:  

I've been blog hunting lately, looking for exciting blogs that exist out there.  The concept of blogs is so fascinating, I think.  There's so many sorts out there with so many different purposes, and for some reason, I find it just as fascinating to spend my time getting in the mind of these people that I hardly even know!  Lately, I've been looking at these new mother blogs (NO, I'm not pregnant, just to clear the air) just to kind of get a fresh perspective of what it is like for different people to take on the decision of starting a family.  It's quite interesting because my perspective has broadened concerning parenthood.  I found a quite interesting blog that chronicled the story of a woman named Angie (she's married to a guy in the band Selah), and her battle as a mother to decide whether to take her child to full term or not.  The child had an oversized heart among other problems, meaning that it would die at birth.  Anyway, she's a very colorful blogger.  I found her story quite interesting and thought maybe some of you all would, too.  Here's the link: http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com/

There's a link near the top that you can click on to start at the beginning of her story.  The first entry is just mind-blowing.  

Anyway, I've found that it is so important to use time in a way that would honor God.  When school, jobs, and other responsibilities aren't breathing down your neck and pushing me to go further, work harder, and give more, what am I doing with my time?  How can I use my gifts when I don't feel like anybody out there is really cheering for me, helping me, etc.?  Well, I've always liked music a lot, so I've been working really hard in that area.  Matt has helped me in the area of piano, first and foremost, and I'm playing a lot at church.  I'm not very good yet at this non-classical thing that I'm doing, but I'm certainly getting better.  Southpoint is a really awesome venue for that, because I'm better than just a novice, but I'm not a keyboard extraordinaire.  I have a place that stretches me, but I actually can make some valuable contribution.  

Secondly, I've been spending most of my free time taking up a new musical instrument.  It would kind of be stupid if one was married to an amazing guitarist with amazing, expensive guitars and didn't take their husband up on free lessons.  So, Matt has been teaching me guitar for the last week.  I'm having so much fun.  So far, I've learned 2 bar cords and I can play 3 songs well and I'm onto my fourth (It's kind of hard though because there are 2 bar cords in it, which are hard for my little fingers).  

Anyway, besides music, I've been reading quite a bit, and I'm trying to expand  my conversational Afrikaans phrases.  So, this is my attempt to use my time in a way that expands my knowledge and honors the Lord.  It certainly makes for quite an adventure!

I am so blessed to be living such an adventure of my life.  It is safe to say, even on the dreariest of Cape Town days, that life with Matt is more than I ever could have dreamed...

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